Satan's Darts

by Ocelots

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released June 19, 2010



Track Name: A Weak Apology For My Offensive Nature
Is it real? Is it fake?
They’re just words I make up
and they mean just as much
as the grounds in your cup

Whether fake or only real,
you can take them piecemeal
and you can build a wall of quotes
that won’t write what I wrote

If I know what I mean and believe,
I believe
when the flames from your hell lick my feet
then they won’t reach my wings

These words from my mouth
They don’t just fall out
They’re here to build houses
and tear down castles

What’s so funny about peace and love
and understanding
is that no-one understands
it’s the love that brings the peace

They just throw things at you
and want you to do it to
and when you do it’s all black eyes, cracked teeth and some bruises

These notches, these trophies,
you put them on your shelf
next to the cross-stitch that reads
“We have nothing to hate but hate itself”

These thoughts in my head
aren’t so easily read
but they’re here to stop the dying
and it won’t work
but at least I’m trying

We break hearts and bones and promises
and spirits
but not cycles

The sun we see in the wintertime
is the sun we see
in the summer

and I think the moon is different
when I see it as a sliver
reflected in the lake
but it’s never in the river

It hides the side it does not want all of us to see
It’s just like you and I am too
We’re all the moon to me

Sometimes sculptures fall apart
Sometimes writers lose the plot
but I meant every word.
Track Name: Breakin' With the Patriots
You’re riding in a car, heading down a hill
and there are certain flames below.
Would you keep on driving?
Would you keep singing along with the radio?
or would you bail out?

If you were in a plane, behind the controls
and you had never been there before
But you had a parachute
and you’d seen how to use it in the movies,
Would you keep flying or would you jump?

I’m breaking with the patriots
and you should all come with me
I’m breaking with the patriots
because I don’t like bad things.

A flag is just an ad and your hometown is where you’re from
and you would fight when you were young
and you would fight when wrong
Now you’re right and you go along
you sing your song and say your pledge
You dull your edge so you belong
but inside you’re seeing red

If you’re fighting a dragon as you sometimes do
and there was a table of choices beside you
Would you grab the boxing gloves
or maybe the ink pen
or would you go straight for the broadsword?

It’s good to stay and fight
but it’s ok to walk away

I’m breaking with the patriots
and you should all think of coming with me
I’m breaking with the patriots
‘cause just like you, I hate bad things
Track Name: Song For Modern Dinosaurs
We’ll go on a dig somewhere
in another hemisphere
and pull up things we’ve never seen.

We’ll put the bones together wrong
and build a monster skeleton
We’ll control its every move

We’ll rule the world with truth and grace
the people will all praise our names
Until they rise up and revolt
and they steal all of our bones

It’s time to wake the dinosaurs,
wake the dinosaurs up
and tell them brothers all this time
you were never dead,
you were only sleeping
so raise you head
and realize your brand new destiny
it’s not the one it appeared to be
you were never meant to go underground
why’d you guys give up so easily?
Can’t you see if you could only learn to speak
and maybe hold a pen,
you could run this place
and I’d be your right-hand man
and with a stomp of our feet,
we could shake this earth

Wake up dinosaurs!
Track Name: We (Both Know We Both) Won't
I could pick up all the mountains
and place them in the craters and the canyons
so everyone could run the race
on a flat plane

I could suck up all the rivers
and spit them out over the desert
so everyone can know what it’s like
to feel their close soaked with rain

It won’t take that long…if it happens at all

I could put fins on the eagles
and wings on the whales
so everyone can live the same life
in the water and the sky

I’ll teach the wolves to eat the berries
I’ll teach the trees to eat the wolves
so everyone can have the opportunity
to thrive or die

It won’t take that long…if it happens at all

I could blow your mind if I wanted to
and I could shake this earth if you asked me to
but we both know that we both won’t
Track Name: It's Motivation, Baby!
It’s motivation, baby…
in a bright red cape
It empties graveyards
shakes trees awake
Builds clocks from splinters
and finds missing pets
It breeds gift horses
and undoes regrets

It’s motivation baby…
in a deep red sunset
Saves your mother and this town
from certain death
Teaches everybody
the true meaning of love
the true meaning of Christmas
‘Til somebody yells “Cut!”

Sometimes the moral of the story
gets lost in the story telling
I don’t know if it’s ever gonna sink in

It’s motivation baby…
in a tight red dress
You dance all night
you buy her drinks
and go home by yourself

I swear it’ll be different this time
or maybe it won’t
Lord, I can’t change

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